Telehealth Palliative Care Consultations

Transporting our sensational seniors is not always possible. They may have limited mobility and struggle in the car. We are able to provide telehealth consultations with our veterinarians to discuss the palliative care options for your pet.

We are able to talk you through what your concerns are around your pet’s condition, what treatments we can potentially offer, the expected disease progression, and how to make decisions around timing when it comes to the end of life.

If we have examined your pet in person we are also able to use these telehealth appointments to adjust medications and provide you with repeat prescriptions as required.

As we use Zoom to conduct the appointment, we are able to provide a visual assessment of your pet, discuss your concerns, and decide if a physical examination is required. If there are any concerns about your pet we are then able to book you in on the same day to see one of our veterinarians in person.

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