Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic


We are a Gold Standard Cat Accredited Clinic

As a purpose built clinic we have built our practise around our feline friends so that they are treated with the gold standard care that they deserve.

What does this mean?

  • Our cat ward consists of ISFM approved condos that allow your cat places to hide, privacy when toileting and is multi leveled.
  • We have deliberately situated our cat ward so that it allows the cats to view the beautiful bushland located at the back of our building.
  • We have a designated cat consultation room to avoid cats from becoming distressed with any offensive odours.
    We are not afraid to use bribery in the form of treats to make our kitty friends love us.
  • We use a happy pheromone call feliway to help provide a calming experience for our cat patients
    We will not use medication as a “last resort” when treating an anxious cat.
  • Drugs such as Gabapentin are happily prescribed as a pre-med before your consultation, to put your cat in a relaxed mindset when visiting the clinic.
  • We will not take your cat “out the back”. To keep them calm they will remain with you for the whole duration of their vet visit, this includes for surgery. Your cat will be premedicated with you in the consultation room so that you are there whilst they drift off to sleep.

By our staff undertaking this training this has allowed us to help provide our clients with the best care for their furry friends. We have written up a few helpful tips to help with situations that tend to be stressful for cats and their owners.

Click here for some handy tips that can help you make vet trips and medication application easier for both you and your cat.

Making a difference when it matters the most


10/591 Withers Road,
Rouse Hill NSW 2155

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

In-home euthanasia services run outside of opening hours by appointment only

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