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Finding a veterinary team who is there from the beginning to the end of your pet’s life and everything in between is becoming increasingly difficult. Our family owned veterinary clinic ensures your pet receives circle of life care by valuing our people who care for your pets, recognising the importance of both the emotional and physical wellbeing of your pet and customising treatments to best suit their needs. You will feel reassured knowing that from the beginning to end of their life, we are with you every step of the way.
At Rouse Hill Family Vets your pet’s health is what is important to us. This is why our clinic provides 30 minutes consultation so we can perform a thorough health check of your pet and ensure that all your questions and concerns are dealt with thoroughly.
Our services provide full mouth examination including dental x-rays to ensure that your pets teeth are not only healthy on the outside but that the roots and surrounding bones are healthy too.


We provide surgical sterilisation for dogs, cats and rabbits. The surgery is a day procedure with your pet only needing to stay in the clinic for a few hours. The benefits of desexing both dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets is that by desexing them you will not end up with an unwanted litter or contribute to the extensive stray animal population.
Diagnostic Imaging
We offer a range of different diagnostic imaging to help us care for your pets. We have a top of range radiography machine that we use to help diagnose issue internally that we may not be seen externally. It can help us with internal organs such a heart, liver, lungs and the digestive tract as well as help us make diagnosis relating to skeletal system such a bone breaks, arthritis and other abnormalities.
Diagnostic Laboratory
We have a state of the art in house diagnostic laboratory which provides a range of blood and urine tests. Results can be returned within 15 minutes when results are required urgently. Our in house microscope allows for the examination of cytology samples such as ear, skin, and lump tests.
K-Laser Treatment
The K-Laser machine uses a number of different lasers to target different tissues and different tissue depths in order to reduce pain, inflammation and help promote healing. It is also able to increase blood flow, boost cell oxygenation, and increase energy production to your pet’s muscles and body tissue. The aim is to improve healing as well as reduce pain and swelling.
Rouse Hill Family Vets predominantly care for dogs and cats, however, we can provide care to some of our smaller fluffy friends such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets.
Leaving your pet in the hospital with us can be a daunting and stressful time. At Rouse Hill Family Vets keeping you informed of your pet’s progress and ensuring your pet is comfortable physically and emotionally is the most important thing to us.
House Calls
We understand that coming to the vet may be stressful for your pet or that its not always possible to get to us with such ease, this is why we offer house call services to the Hills district.
Microchipping your pet will help to reunite you with them if they go missing. It is required by law that your pet is microchipped by the time they are 6 months old.
Nurse Consultations
Our fear free certified and certificate IV certified veterinary nurses are able to provide a range of nurse consultations for your pets.
There are certain situations where our pets can struggle to cope. Where they are overcome with fear, anxiety and stress and experience the physical and emotional symptoms of a panic attack. Their brain switches from their thinking brain, into survival mode where we will see the flight, fright or freeze response. Once their thinking brain is switched off it is impossible for them to think clearly, self soothe or listen to simple commands.
We are able to provide a range of in house ophthalmology consultations with our experienced eye vet Dr Kathleen Graham. A consultation involves a revision of your pet’s medical history (often before the time of consultation).
Specialist Care
We have visiting specialist who travel to us to aid in your pet’s diagnosis and treatment.


Rouse Hill Family Vets has a wide range of equipment and knowledge to perform a variety of different surgical procedures ranging from desexing to lump removals, eye procedures, abscess, stitch up repairs, intra-abdominal surgeries and many more.


We are passionate about having our patients enjoy their vet visits and so our whole team take a fear free approach to veterinary care. A fear free approach to veterinary care means we not only address the physical wellbeing of our patients, but also their emotional wellbeing.
Wellness Examinations
A wellness examination includes collecting a thorough patient history, full physical examination, nutritional advice, treatment recommendations and discussion on what signs to be on the look for.

Pain Management Consult

As our pets age it is extremely common that they will experience the discomfort and pain associated with decreasing mobility, muscle wasting and arthritis. Our pets are living longer and so conditions such as arthritis are seen more frequently.
Palliative Care
Palliative care is no longer about curing the disease, but focuses on controlling pain, discomfort and anxiety that might come from being diagnosed with the disease. Palliative care is not about prolonging suffering, but about alleviating suffering.
Senior Pet Wellness Examinations
Now that your pet is considered a senior citizen of the pet world we recommend a full health check every 6 months. The aim of these additional health checks is to ensure that any new aliments are identified early allowing more rapid intervention and better long-term outcomes.
Behavioural Consultations
Behavioural consultations are designed to address some of the most common behavioural concerns you may have with your pet. We take a wholistic approach to behavioural medicine which involve the use of supplements, pheromones, medications, environmental enrichment, co-operative care and force free local trainers.
Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into specific points in the body to achieve therapy and balance. It is based on the holistic concept of diagnosis and treatment and utilises the body’s own ability to repair itself. It can be greatly beneficial in improving the quality of life of our pets suffering from long term diseases like arthritis and chronic back pain.
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