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Knowing when your elderly pet is in pain or suffering and when the time is right for their peaceful euthanasia is hard, especially if you don’t know what to assess. We support families through the end of life stages by providing in home palliative care, acupuncture and euthanasia services so families can be less fearful of what is happening, more confident in making end of life decisions and ultimately provide their beloved pet with the final gentle goodbye they deserve.
“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
–Winnie the Pooh

Let this be a celebration of the sensational seniors that we have loved and lost. Remembering that they were once young, vibrant and no doubt cheeky youngsters let’s look back on all the reasons we love them so dearly.

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16.11.2011 – 29.09.2023

Beau you were a dear little boy and we miss you greatly. it doesn’t seem to be possible to do anything without being aware that you are not here. You were funny and loyal and loving and totally obsessed with food. You were easy to walk as long as others dogs kept their distance and a dream to give medication to because you would eat anything encased in food. Beau, we loved you and lost you too soon. Our hearts ache.

Beau was surrendered when he developed epilepsy. He moved in with his bed and his toys and settled straight away with us . He didn’t know much about being loved but soon realised pats and cuddles were a good thing, especially shoulder massages. Beau would look deeply into our eyes – he loved from a deep place within. He was the only dog I know who could completely wrap himself in a blanket to keep warm and he would shake toys ( or beds) till the stuffing fell out – very satisfying.

Carter’s Goodbye
25/7/2010 – 20/10/2019

Carter chose us. When we went to see the litter all the other pups came straight up to us but this little stocky boy completely ignored us and was ‘too cool’ we instantly knew he was ours. He had only been with us a week when he was diagnosed with coccidia and was given a 50% chance of survival. We nursed him back to health, hand feeding him and taking turns to watch him at night. Carter was our first baby that bought us immense joy. He was a gentle giant and anyone who had a negative view of Rottweilers said that meeting him made them change their mind about the breed. We miss him so much and think about him everyday. I want to thank Dr Belinda and her team for allowing us to say goodbye in the security of our own home and on our own terms.


Memphis had spunk. He knew what he liked and what he didn’t. Treats, yes he loved treats. Vet checks not so much.

He had one of the happiest faces you’ll ever see. His happy face defied age. He lived for chasing the ball, hanging at home with his family (both the four-legged and two-legged type), and to watch the world go by.

He was dealt a rough card when it came to genetics. He had severe joint disease from a young age but that didn’t stop him from living his best life. I was always amazed that Memphis was able to move around at all given the severity of his disease.

As we said goodbye to Memphis, Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You came onto the radio. It was a beautiful moment and like Memphis himself was letting us know he was ok and always going to be a part of his family.

I miss your smiley face Memphis. You were such a handsome man!

Moe Moe
Moe Moe. I don’t know where to start. You had the ability to draw everyone in. It was always love at first head butt.

He was an exceptional cat who lived an exceptional life. It has taken me a long time to be able to write this memorial as you were so special to me.

Moe chose his family. He literally came through a window, picked Mel as his mum, and never really left. He also chose his vet – he had me wrapped around his little paw.

He was a fashionista and would regularly turn up for his glucose curves wearing all different outfits. He never minded wearing clothes. Dress him up in costumes for Halloween? Sure no problem. Couple dress with the vet’s mug. Of course.

Managing his diabetes was always a challenge. He taught me so much about the disease and he never followed the textbook. He did however follow me around to have a snack or two that I always packed for him.

His family loved him wholeheartedly and were always happy to share his magic with family, friends, visitors, and during COVID colleagues on zoom.

I miss my Thursday evenings spent hanging with Moe on the couch, chatting with his family, and getting my regular Moe fix. I can’t thank his family enough for sharing him with me ❤❤❤

Simba had nearly 22 years on this earth with us. He used every moment he could to have his mum, his family, and his vet wrapped around his little paw. He was another special patient of mine. We hung out every 3-4 weeks for nearly 5 years.

He had the best attitude. It took him a while to warm up to his acupuncture treatments – about 3 years in (I know right, good things take time) he started to come out of his shell – this was around the time I became Fear Free Certified and starting using bribery as a regular part of my regime.

Simba used to come to my home for his regular acupuncture treatments. He very quickly got very comfortable and would take himself on walking tours around the house. It was so great to see him feeling so happy and comfortable in a different environment. He would cruise around and have me chasing him into the office, the dining room, and wherever else he could get to.

Even after years of acupuncture he still made a fuss when I placed the needles. Every time he would swear at me and bite his dine cat treat. He never did manage to bite me though and it wasn’t through lack of trying.

Simba was the sweetest old boy, he didn’t look a day over 16 years old. It was so heartbreaking when we had to say goodbye. His birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I’ll always remember dear Simba on Halloween which happened to be his birthday.

Pippa Rose
21st August 2012 – 13th May 2020

Thank you for choosing us Pippa when we came and saw you at the rescue shelter,for supplying us with endless laughs and love.
for being such a princess and sleeping with a pillow pet and blankets

My beautiful girl,my best friend my confidant.
I never thought this time would come when i would have to say goodbye just assumed you would be with me forever.
I cannot bear to see you in so much pain and looking so sad anymore.You try so hard to keep us happy and smiling without a thought to yourself so now its our turn to think of you.
Yes i am going to miss them beautiful doe eyes and that sideways looks,your cheeky snarls and playing ball.

you would always wipe way my tears and rest your head on my lap if i was sad,lick me to death and make me laugh.The joy you have given us is more than we could ever of imagined along with the unconditional love you surrounded us with no matter how you were feeling.

Now its our turn to make you comfortable and happy,to run free in the meadow under the bright sunshine,sleep and play without any pain.

I will never forget you our Pippa Rose thank you so much for coming into our lives i am eternally grateful.

love you good night sweet-dreams and fly high with the angels.

love Mum xoxoxox
Samantha Cullen

Indi was a special boy. He was adopted into his furever home and quickly found his rightful place in the world. He needed the right family to love him and help him feel safe. He loved nothing more than to hang out with his dad in his landscaping truck and go for adventures from the Southern Highlands, Central Coast, and Northwest of Sydney.

He was a loveable lab with a heart of gold. He used to be terrified of veterinarians but soon developed a great bond with Dr. Belinda (or it may have been with her treat pouch). But we both looked forward to his monthly acupuncture treatments. It was so special getting to see how happy and comfortable his treatments made him.

Sadly sweet Indi had a shock diagnosis in May when we found that he had developed a nasty cancer in his chest. With a heavy heart, we had to say goodbye. He spent his final days adventuring at his own pace, seeing cows and countryside, enjoying the sea breeze, and spending valuable time with his loved ones.

Our hearts are breaking for his family and we are so grateful that we got to know this special boy. Our thoughts are with you Brett, Courtney, and his brothers and sisters Cleo, Winnie, Ziggy & Poppy.

Beautiful Honey passed away in the loving arms of her mum on Saturday morning. She fought a long battle with a cancer on her spleen and was a remarkable little lady. She spent her last week living her best life with her mum which included a trip to the beach to sniff the sand and to everyone’s surprise splash in the waves.

Honey had been seeing Dr Belinda weekly since February for regular acupuncture and pain management treatments. She became a part of our family and we will miss her dearly.

She always came across so sweet and innocent, like butter would never melt in her mouth. During our many visits her mum shared with us some of the more cheeky traits that miss Honey had. One was a love, nip, relationship with her feline brother. She would regularly eat out of his food bowls, let him smooch with her and then occasionally attempt a sneaky little nip – fortunately she never did any damage.

Honey knew what she wanted and would often lead her mum on a merry chase around the streets as she preferred to walk where she wanted to. Even when she was older and arthritic, she every now and then would take flight and cause her mum to chase her down the street.

We are thinking of you Patricia at this deeply sad time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with us xxx

Sammy knew what it meant to be loved. He was a special part of his family and joined them on many adventures during his 15 and a half years with them.

The family have shared the following words with us about Sammy.

He was our joy, our adventure and he loved any place with water especially the beach and sand! He was loved by all and never had a bad bone in body. He would always show us how sad he was when we left for a while, but always excited to greet us again. He loved our chooks for the 6 six years we had them in our back yard… not a feather out of place!

He has been on countless wonderful adventures and holidays with our family including beach holidays, camping, dog festivals, family picnics and charities, and almost became a Delta Therapy dog before we had our son, Daniel! We miss him terribly…

Sammy was farewelled at home, in his favourite spot, on his bed in the living room, whilst munching on his favourite treats, surrounded by his favourite people. My thoughts are with Sammy’s family at this sad time.

14 year old Xena passed away peacefully at home on the 10th May surrounded by the people she loved most. She spent her last day doing one of her favourite things – hanging out in the car with her dad.

Since her passing there has been an outpouring of condolences to her family. Xena had a magnetic pull. The young and elderly were all drawn to her. She was placid and sweet and loved watching the world go by her front door.

She was an adventurer and loved being out and about. She was a regular at local cafes and insisted on going out on her weekly drive. She has been an absolute pleasure to look after and we are so happy we could help keep her comfortable. She had a new lease on life when we started her on a pain management plan.

In her memory, her family have been visiting some of her favourite cafes and I just know Xena is with them in spirit – she wouldn’t want to be missing out on these outings.

Xena, our warrior princess, you will be dearly missed. Our thoughts are with your family at this sad time.

16 year old Jack crossed the rainbow bridge last week. He passed away in his favourite spot in the garden in the arms of his loving family. He lived an incredible life and he never needed to wonder if he was loved, he knew nothing else.

Sadly Jack lost the ability to walk in his hind legs in October last year, however with excellent nursing care, an intensive pain management plan and regular acupuncture he was happy right up until the end. He would visit the chickens in the garden, go for rides around the garden on a little cart and spend time with his sister Frida.

We spent weeks planning his perfect goodbye, we were able to prepare his family and give him the gentle goodbye at home his family wanted.

Jack will be sorely missed and we treasure the time we were able to spend with Jack and his family during our afternoon acupuncture picnics in the garden. Our thoughts are with his loving family at this sad time.

We said our final goodbyes to 14 and a half year old Chloe on the 7th April. She passed away in the loving arms of her family. She is remembered as being sweet natured and was patient with her little buddy Paddy who would sometimes walk into her because he couldn’t see well.

Chloe learned to be loved after a rough history and found herself in the most adoring family who not only showed her what it was to be loved but also brought her back to good health again.

Chloe was a little character. She LOVED food – if it was edible, she would eat it. She also found interesting ways to make herself comfortable which no doubt made her family smile.

Sharing stories and memories of Chloe and hearing how she thrived as a part of her family was heart-warming. Our thoughts are with Chloe and Paddy’s family at this sad time. It is devastating to say goodbye to one family member, and even more heartbreaking when it is two in close succession.

14 year old Paddy crossed the rainbow bridge on Sunday, at home, surrounded by those who loved him the most. His family remember him as “a loving, faithful and irreplaceable friend who brought joy to many.”

He was a remarkable little man. He was always happy to greet visitors and he would happily visit Dr Anthony at ActiVet for treats (and a check up but really Paddy just thought he went in for the treats). He beat the odds and lived with his condition much longer than anyone expected.

His family shared so many lovely stories of happier days with Paddy and the mischief he used to get up to. We hope the beautiful memories of Paddy provides his family with some comfort at this sad time.

We said our final goodbye to Pepper just over a week ago. It is never easy to say goodbye. She was so very loved. She lived life to the fullest showered in love.

It was such a privilege getting to know Pepper’s family and being able to help guide them through Pepper’s final weeks. I know only knew Pepper for a short time, we formed our own special little bond. I was her treat lady and she knew that every visit without fail she would get some extra treats from me. Even on my last visit she was happy to take a couple of treats from me.

My heart goes out to the family at this difficult time and I am sending my love their way. Thank you for sharing your Pepper with us
Dr Belinda xx

Benson, sweet Benson. Benson was the last pup left from his litter. He had needed bottle feeding and his breeder was planning on holding onto him. Fortunately, he was just waiting to meet his new family Julie and Stuart.

He was their first baby. He joined the family within the first 12 months of them being married and within a few weeks of moving into their first home. He later became the big brother to two younger sisters. He was a gentle boy with a big bark! He never tried to push through doors and never once tried to jump up on anyone.

His favourite spot was by the front door watching the world go by. He was a gentle soul. I only knew him for a short time but I know he was very much loved and very lovable. I am sending my love and thoughts to his family who I know are missing him dearly.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Benson with me and allowing me to help him in his final weeks.
Dr Belinda

Nanna Cassie
Cassie came into my life when I but a young vet student who spent her weekends and holidays working at a local veterinary hospital as a veterinary nurse. She was 6 years old and had been brought in to be euthanised as the kids were no longer interested in her and the family had moved on from wanting a dog. She was dropped off in a basket with a small fluffy blanket.

She was timid and shy but warmed to me immediately. The vets were not going to euthanise her. They would find her a home and they needn’t look far. This aspiring vet knew the perfect family for her. After sharing her sad story, along with a few exaggerations Cassie was coming home to join our family. She integrated seamlessly with Jack.

She was a little independent lady who loved nothing more than being inside with us. She had spunk and was very closely bonded to me. She was anxious and suffered from separation anxiety if she was separated from Jack. She hated being hospitalised as being away from home cause her great stress. At home she was happy, she was yappy and she was my Nanna Cass.

The couch was Cassie’s domain. She loved to be up high, whether on the arm chair ends or right up on the back of the lounge she loved being the Queen of the Castle. She got to choose her spot first and the rest of us just worked around her. She tolerated my dodgy hair cuts and was the first pet to start teaching me about behaviour.

In the end Cassie develop renal amyloidosis. She had been losing weight and her appetite was inconsistent. I noticed she was drinking more water. Urine and blood tests revealed she had developed a protein losing nephropathy. I elected to go ahead with an ultrasound guided biopsy of her kidney in the hope it may have been an immune mediated condition whereby immunosuppressants may have helped. Unfortunately Cassie had renal amyloidosis where there is no treatment, simply supportive care.

Cassie lived with excellent quality of life for nearly 6 months. She ate, she drank, she slept, she cuddled and she listened to me call her Cassie Wassie Moo Moo Choo. I had decided early on in her disease process if she got to a point where she required hospitalisation I would not put her through the stress of being separated from her family and at that time I would choose to euthanise her over her spending her last days stressed and away from home.

It was the first time I had to make the decision for one of my fur babies. One morning in late 2008 Cassie didn’t want to get up and out of bed. She wasn’t tempted by any of her favourite foods and I knew it was time. She had been eating a little less over the last few days and so I knew her little body was no longer able to cope with her failing kidneys.

The family came together and took her into work. I couldn’t be with her when the intravenous catheter was placed – oh how I wish I knew about the importance of sedating them prior to euthanasia back then. I held her close, her frail little body up against mine. She crossed the rainbow bridge in my arms with me sobbing and calling her my Little Cassie Wassie Moo Moo Choo.

Cassie had two euthanasia appointments and I’m so thankful that she only kept one of them. Cassie was 12 years old when she died. She spent the best 50% of her life with us.

Molly, born February 2006, had a rocky start to her life. It wasn’t until her third rescue home that she found her furever family. Molly was a real family girl. She loved to be involved in everything the family was whether that was travelling in the car or simply hanging out with the family with her people is where she wanted to be.

She had the most gentle nature. Very patient with children and other dogs. She was the ultimate sweetheart. She became inseparable from her little fur-brother Teddy who loved her dearly. She let him use her as a climbing frame, playmate and companion.

In true staffy fashion Molly loved a chat. She would tell her family all about her day and how much she missed them. Sadly it is so quiet now that she is gone and little Teddy is lost without his mate.

Molly always made me smile. She was happy to be around people and so happy to be loved so much by her family. She would happily request pats during her visits and was always to pleasure to care for.

She brought joy and comfort to all those who met her. As we grieve the loss of Molly we want to take the opportunity to reflect on the joy she shared with her family. Rest peacefully beautiful Molly xxx

Jack’s memorial is coming soon!
Percy came barging into our lives when he was rushed into my work suffering from a concussion. He was obviously an old man, he had no microchip and no-one came forward for him. I took an instant shine to this little character.

We provided supportive care and waited to see if he had any permanent damage from his concussion. He was lucky. He recovered from his concussion but then he needed full mouth extractions due to severe dental disease and castration for testicular cancer. I told my hubby that he only had 3 months to live and that it was best that he lived with a vet. He lived with us for 3 years.

Percy kept us on our toes. Many memories revolve around his Labrador like appetite and his inability to feel full. If he ever got into a bag of food he would eat until he could no longer move. In fact, he scared us on a number of occasions when we thought we might have to pump his stomach.

His favourite pastime was snuffling his way around the house searching for food and licking the floor with his dried out tongue. His tongue often made us laugh. He would fall asleep with his tongue folded up underneath his chin. It was equal parts disgusting and funny.

Poo was his favourite in-between meal snack, it didn’t matter what I tried he just kept on snacking. He took coprophagia to a new level. He even used to wait under Cassie’s bum when she was pooing. It was revolting and he once even got a skid mark on his head. LOL! No wonder his nickname was Percy Poo Pants.

I miss wriggly, snuffly, tummy rubs with Percy on the couch the most. He would wriggle and snuffle and make very cute sounds all whilst having his fat little tummy rubbed.

Percy’s life motto was “Just eat it!” and he certainly fulfilled that motto every day. In the end, Percy died suddenly at home. Just as he came blasting into our lives, he left us as abruptly. He lived by his rules and all I could do was be with him when he died.

Percy was a spunk and everyone who met him loved him. Pictures of him make me smile. And yes, I know he’s got a face that only a mother could love and this mother loved him LOTS!

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