Palliative Care


Knowing when your elderly pet is in pain or suffering and when the time is right for their peaceful euthanasia is hard, especially if you don’t know what to assess. We support families through the end of life stages by providing palliative care, acupuncture and euthanasia services so families can be less fearful of what is happening, more confident in making end of life decisions and ultimately provide their beloved pet with the final gentle goodbye they deserve.

Many of our patients are sensational seniors, and we aim at helping them to live out their twilight years with as much comfort and good quality of life as possible. As our pets age, it is easy to assume there is nothing that can be done to ease the aging process. There is however plenty that can be done to maintain their quality of life and ensure they are not just surviving but thriving. Palliative care utilises a combination of medications, acupuncture, diet, supplements, physical therapies and mobility aids to significantly improve the day to day life of our senior pets.

It is no longer about curing the disease, but focuses on controlling pain, discomfort and anxiety that might come from being diagnosed with the disease. Palliative care is not about prolonging suffering, but about alleviating suffering until their gentle euthanasia.

We utilise quality of life scales and pain scales to assess your pet’s comfort level and make recommendations accordingly. We are able to liase with your regular veterinarian and veterinary specialists to ensure treatments are aligned and your concerns are addressed.

Utilising Fear Free techniques we are able to teach you the best way to administer medications including subcutaneous fluids (if needed) as to ensure you are not causing undue stress during the administration of treatments. We are able to assess not only the physical wellbeing of your pet but also look at the emotional wellbeing and address any concerns that may be present.

Appointment Duration
45 – 60 minutes
Palliative Care Consult Follow-Up

Veterinary visit including patient assessment, responses to treatment and environmental modifications, discussion based on any concerns you are having, follow-up with quality of life and pain scales, further training if required on medication administration or looking at alternative options, fitting or assessing use of mobility aids, further discussion around the euthanasia decision process.

Price: $104.50

Palliative Care Consult

Veterinary visit including a full patient history review and discussion with referring or specialist veterinarians as required, quality of life and pain scale assessments, full physical examination and patient assessment, review of pet’s environment and advice regarding changes which may help at home, recommendations for additional treatments, physical therapies or mobility aids which may be of benefit, demonstration of how to administer medications or treatments (such as bandage changes) in Fear Free manner and guidance around end of life and when to make the decision around euthanasia.

Price: $214

Booking a Palliative Care Appointment

We have two ways to book appointments:

1. You may call or text 02 9086 9130 to request an appointment. As you can understand if we are with a patient we are unable to answer calls but will get back to you as promptly as we can.
2. Book an appointment online.  If you are unable to find a time with our online booking system please give us a call as will do our best to find a time that is suitable.

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