We are able to provide a range of in house ophthalmology consultations with our experienced eye vet Dr Kathleen Graham. A consultation involves a revision of your pet’s medical history (often before the time of consultation). This involves liaising with your pet’s regular veterinarian as a review of the medical notes and previous tests and procedures is recommended. At the time of consultation, we will obtain further information about your pet’s history (specifically with regard to the eyes and the reason your vet recommended a consultation with us), and then perform a complete ophthalmic examination.

At every consultation, you are welcome to ask any questions, or express any concerns you have about your pet’s eyes and/or vision, and about our findings and recommendations. We will provide you with written notes about our findings and recommendations for care to ensure you have the best chance possible to fully understand your pet’s health, and our plan to manage their eyes.

Common eye consultations and procedures that Dr Kath can perform include:

  • Glaucoma assessment
  • Cataract assessment & recommendations
  • Indolent ulcers (non-healing) assessment & treatment
  • Various mass removals on surrounding structures of the eye
  • Cherry eye procedures
  • Entropion/ectropion repair
  • Conjunctival grafts
  • Ectopic cilia procedures
  • Ocular pressure testing (tonometry), ocular ultrasound and more
Appointment Duration
30 – 60 minutes
Ophthalmology Consultations

Our examinations are comprehensive and involve the use of specialised equipment that allow detailed examination of the eyelids and surrounding tissue, the anterior segment (the front part of the eye), the lens (where cataracts occur), and the fundus (including the retina and the optic nerve head (or optic disc as it is known in people). Diagnostic tests are routinely performed to assess your pet’s tear production, the quality of your pet’s tears, to assess for the presence of any corneal ulceration and to measure the intraocular pressure (the pressure inside the eye). We will always examine both of your pet’s eyes (as long as they still have both eyes!) even if you have noted a problem with only one eye, as early and careful examination may help identify and manage early disease.

Price: Initial Appointment $267.40

Booking an ophthalmology appointment

To book an appointment please contact us on 02 9086 9130.

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