Puppy Preschool

We train your puppy to be on their best behavior.
Our fabulous and extremely experienced nurses Casey from Adore The Paw and Brittany are running our puppy preschool. Casey has a Certificate IV in Attainment of Dog training, training with Delta Society, and a certificate in puppy preschoolers instructors course.

Brittany has undertaken her AVBS puppy preschool course as well as a certificate in Puppy Preschoolers Instructor course.

They are passionate about ensuring your puppy has the best start to their lives and uses positive training methods to help educate you and your puppy.

Adult dogs are often the reflection of how they have been raised as a puppy, and by their life experiences along the way. Brittany and Casey aim as a puppy trainers is to ensure that a puppy’s life has started in the most positive way possible through training, environmental conditioning, good routines, socialisation, and a safe home environment.

Puppies have a critical window for socialisation during 8 – 16 weeks and it is essential that puppy owners adequately socialise and train their puppy during this time. Everything a puppy experiences (or doesn’t experience) will contribute to shaping them as an adult dog and how they respond to their environment. Puppy pre-school helps to build confidence, focus, and a positive bond between puppies and their owners.

What is covered in the course?

  • Socialisation with people, puppies, sounds, environments
  • Basic Training
  • Behaviour topics: Biting, Jumping, Toilet Training
  • Independence development
  • Understanding Dog Body Language

Duration and cost?

Puppy Preschool runs for four weeks in total for 90 minutes per class.

Cost = $231

Age requirements?

Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks to join puppy preschool.


*It is highly recommended that puppies START school before the age of 12 weeks*

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10/591 Withers Road,
Rouse Hill NSW 2155

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

In-home euthanasia services run outside of opening hours by appointment only

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