K-Laser Treatment

The K-Laser machine uses a number of different lasers to target different tissues and different tissue depths in order to reduce pain, inflammation and help promote healing.

The K-Laser is able to increase blood flow, boost cell oxygenation, and increase energy production to your pet’s muscles and body tissue. The aim is to improve healing as well as reduce pain and swelling.

K-Laser is Efficient and Dynamic

A typical K-Laser treatment is approximately 3-5 minutes per area, which is divided into up to 12 phases of different laser technique therapy.

The K-laser is pain-free and can be used in acute and chronic medical conditions. We are seeing great success and improvement in our patients who have opted for laser therapy.

Appointment Duration
This will vary depending on the size of the pet and area/s we are treating. We would advise allowing 15 – 30 minutes per session.
Initial Laser Appointment

Your pet will need to be assessed by the vet prior to the first therapy to ensure laser therapy is the right course of action. The therapy will then take place on the same day.

Follow Up Laser Appointments

These will be booked in with one of our highly trained nurses for the remaining sessions.

What To Expect During An Appointment
As we are using a laser, we request that you and your pet wear protective goggles and avoid looking directly into the laser. We may ask you to feed your pets treats to help distract them. However, if you are not comfortable being in the room, we can always have another nurse assist.
How much does it cost?

Laser therapies start from $64.70 per session.

Pack of 6 treatments (1-4 areas) – $323.60
(Buy 5 treatments receive 1 free)

Pack of 6 treatments (5 or more areas) – $441.30
(Buy 5 treatments receive 1 free)

Booking a K-Laser Initial Appointment

Click here to book your initial appointment with our vet. Alternatively, feel free to call us on 9086 9130 if you have any further questions regarding laser therapy.

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