Euthanasia and Aftercare

Knowing when your elderly pet is in pain or suffering and when the time is right for their peaceful euthanasia is hard, especially if you don’t know what to assess. We support families through the end of life stages by providing in-home palliative care, acupuncture and euthanasia services so families can be less fearful of what is happening, more confident in making end of life decisions and ultimately provide their beloved pet with the final gentle goodbye they deserve.

Euthanasia translates to mean a good death, and we believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give our fur babies, in the end, is the gift of a good death, at home, surrounded by the ones who love them the most. Now, this isn’t always possible, but when we know that the end is close and we have a plan, it is possible to make this happen.

When our veterinarians arrive, they will discuss any questions or concerns you may have and will take the time to explain the process and what to expect. Please ask as many questions as you like. The appointment will generally last 45 – 60 minutes. As our focus is you and your pet, we are happy to perform the euthanasia where you are most comfortable, this may be the living room or even in their favourite spot in the garden.

We ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during the procedure by providing our euthanasia patients with a gentle sedative to allow them to go to sleep amongst family prior to placing an intravenous catheter and administering the final injection. We take our time, listen to your concerns and do not rush the procedure. We do not want your last memory of your pet to be one of them in distress.

After, you may spend as much time with them as you need. Our veterinarian will step out to provide you with some time for a private goodbye. When they return they will have a small basket or flat stretcher and a blanket to transport your pet to the car.

Information regarding how and when your pet’s ashes will be ready will be discussed in detail. We are also able to give advice on burial at home.

We offer these services in the following areas:
Rouse Hill • North Kellyville • Kellyville • Castle Hill • Beaumont Hills • Kellyville Ridge • Annangrove • Glenhaven

Our veterinarians can travel outside of these areas for families in need, please contact us to discuss this further.

In-Home Euthanasia and Private Cremation

Veterinary visit and private cremation with ashes returned in your choice of urn, wooden box, or scatter box. Our veterinarian will be able to discuss options with you.

Price: $450 + Cremation fees ($378 -$441)

Note: Our veterinarians are equipped with transport stretches however they will require assistance lifting heavy patients. We work with reputable pet crematoriums that we have used ourselves. If you have a preferred provider please let us know.

In-Home Euthanasia and Non-Private Cremation

Veterinary visit and transfer for group cremation when you do not wish to have your pet’s ashes returned.

Price: $450 + Non-Private Cremation fees ($128 – $178.50)

Note: Our veterinarians are equipped with transport stretches however they will require assistance lifting heavy patients

In-Home Euthanasia Visit

Veterinary visit for euthanasia when you elect to bury your pet at home.

Price: $450

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I make the appointment?

We have two ways to book appointments:

1. You may call or text 02 9086 9130 to request an appointment. As you can understand if we are with a patient we are unable to answer calls but will get back to you as promptly as we can.
2. Book an appointment online.  If you are unable to find a time with our online booking system please give us a call as will do our best to find a time that is suitable.

What do I need to do to prepare?
There is nothing you need to prepare, however some families choose to have music playing, or their pet lying on their favourite bed, or if they are still happy to eat some of their favourite treats available.
Should my children be there?
This is a family decision. Our veterinarians are happy to share their experiences with you. Here is a link to more in-home information about children and euthanasia from our experiences as well as a link to an excellent resource regarding children and grief
Do families have to be present for the euthanasia?
It is an entirely personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer. Some families choose to stay for the sedation and step out of the room for the final euthanasia and return to say one final goodbye, others choose to stay from start to finish. We are happy to accommodate your preference and your veterinarian will be able to discuss this with you during the visit.
How much notice do you need?
We understand that like birth, death can be hard to predict. We will do our best to respond to same day requests however this is not always possible. Ideally giving us as much notice as possible will allow us to work around both your and our schedules.
Should my other pets be there?
If you want them to and they are ok with being in the room then yes. If they are particularly anxious or excitable it might be best that they wait in another room and then say their goodbyes after the euthanasia has been completed. Pet’s will grieve too, it is not uncommon for them to look for their friend, experience behavioural changes or inappetence. If you are concerned that is going on too long please contact us for advice.
Will euthanasia hurt?
No, your pet will be sedated first so that they are asleep before the euthanasia procedure begins. The drug is an overdose of an anaesthetic agent. By sedating them prior to placing the intravenous catheter your pet will not feel any pain, anxiety or discomfort. They will simply go to sleep and after the euthanasia solution is administered death comes within 30 to 60 seconds.
How do we know when the time to euthanise my pet is right?
This is one of the most common and most difficult questions to answer. Ultimately we are wanting to avoid your pet from suffering. Depending on your pet’s condition it will guide us to what is the right time. We use quality of life scales and pain scales to assess how your pet is coping. In addition you know your pet best and so assessing some of the following can help you identify when is the right time:

Eating habits: are they wanting to eat? Or are they off their food and require syringe feeding or are loosing weight because they are unable to eat enough to maintain their body weight? Do they vomit whenever they eat?

Drinking habits: Are they able to drink enough to keep hydrated? When they drink are they able to keep it down?

Toileting habits: Are they able to go to the toilet normally? Are they able to move away from their urine or faeces if they have an accident? Have they developed incontinence and secondary urine scalding? Do they have ongoing diarrhoea?

Breathing: What is their breathing like? Are they coughing constantly or struggling to breath? Do they get out of breath very quickly?

Mobility: How well are they able to move around at home? Are the limping? Can they take themselves to the toilet? Are they able to get to and from their food and water bowls? How are they handling stairs or slippery floors? Are they regularly falling over?

Sleeping habits: Are they able to sleep comfortably through the night or are they restless and unable to settle?

Personality/mentation: Are they still happy to see you? Do they still show interest in their favourite treats/toys/activities? Do they seem disorientated or distressed? Are they showing signs of separation anxiety or blankly staring at walls?

Good days vs bad days: Are they having more good days than bad or is it the other way around?

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