Infectious Canine Hepatitis is considered a rare viral infection. When outbreaks occur, it mostly affects dogs less than 1 year old or unvaccinated dogs.

What is Infectious Canine Hepatitis?

A highly contagious virus that attacks mainly the liver but can also affect the kidneys, eyes and respiratory system.

Clinical signs of Infectious Canine Hepatitis?

Signs may include fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

How is Infectious Canine Hepatitis spread?

It is spread by contact with infected urine, faeces or saliva.

How is Infectious Canine Hepatitis diagnosed and treated?

Diagnostic testing starts with a physical examination and includes bloodwork, urinalysis, PCR tests and cytology/histopathology of affected tissues.

There is no specific treatment for Infectious Canine Hepatitis and so supportive care is provided. This includes fluids, analgesia and medication to boost liver function.

How can I protect my puppy against Infectious Canine Hepatitis?

Vaccinations are the most effective way of protecting your dog. Ensure your puppy receives each of their 3 puppy vaccinations on time with their final vaccination being at 16 weeks or older. In addition to vaccinations we also recommend:

  • Avoiding contact with other dogs who are not fully vaccinated and well
  • Choose establishments and training programs that require up-to-date vaccinations, health examinations, good hygiene and isolation of sick puppies and dogs – Our puppy preschool is a safe space to socialise your puppy. Book here
  • Do not allow your puppy or dog to use shared/public dog food and water bowls
  • Keep your dog away from other dogs when sick, including other dogs within your home
  • Avoid contact with known infected dogs and their premises

We offer puppy and dog vaccinations Monday to Saturday in our purpose built veterinary hospital in Rouse Hill, Sydney. All of our experienced veterinarians and veterinary nurses are fear free certified professionals who ensure we care for not only the physical wellbeing of your dog but also their emotional wellbeing.

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