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Molly, born February 2006, had a rocky start to her life. It wasn’t until her third rescue home that she found her furever family. Molly was a real family girl. She loved to be involved in everything the family was whether that was travelling in the car or simply hanging out with the family with her people is where she wanted to be.

She had the most gentle nature. Very patient with children and other dogs. She was the ultimate sweetheart. She became inseparable from her little fur-brother Teddy who loved her dearly. She let him use her as a climbing frame, playmate and companion.

In true staffy fashion Molly loved a chat. She would tell her family all about her day and how much she missed them. Sadly it is so quiet now that she is gone and little Teddy is lost without his mate.

Molly always made me smile. She was happy to be around people and so happy to be loved so much by her family. She would happily request pats during her visits and was always to pleasure to care for.

She brought joy and comfort to all those who met her. As we grieve the loss of Molly we want to take the opportunity to reflect on the joy she shared with her family. Rest peacefully beautiful Molly xxx