There are many ways to memorialise your pet and honour their memory. We have compiled a list of ideas which may help you start the process of memorialising your pet.

Plant a tree in their memory

Scatter their ashes in their favourite place in the garden

Place a memorial stone in the garden

Frame a favourite photograph

Memorial service where family comes together to share stories

Write a memorial about your pet and share it with friends and family

You can submit your memorial here.

Go on your dog’s favourite walk and reminisce about happier days

Make a donation to a charity in their name

Create a slideshow or video of all of your favourite memories

Pawprint artwork or clay impression

Make a necklace or keyring out of old name tags

Have a personalised necklace, bracelet or ring made with their name or initials engraved

Wear a locket with their photograph inside

Update your phone or computer desktops/screens to show your favourite photograph of them

Clip a lock of their hair

Curate a painting of your pet from a photograph

Participate in an animal related walk in your pet’s memory e.g. RSCPA Million Paws Walk

Personalised t-shirts, socks, shoes, hats, pillows, mugs, phone covers with a photograph of your pet

Percy came barging into our lives when he was rushed into my work suffering from a concussion. He was obviously an old man; he had no microchip and no-one came forward for him. I took an instant shine to this little character.

We provided supportive care and waited to see if he had any permanent damage from his concussion. He was lucky. He recovered from his concussion, but then he needed full mouth extractions due to severe dental disease and castration for testicular cancer. I told my hubby that he only had three months to live and that it was best that he lived with a vet. He lived with us for three years.

Percy kept us on our toes. Many memories revolve around his Labrador like appetite and his inability to feel full. If he ever got into a bag of food, he would eat until he could no longer move. In fact, he scared us on a number of occasions when we thought we might have to pump his stomach.

His favourite pastime was snuffling his way around the house searching for food and licking the floor with his dried out tongue. His tongue often made us laugh. He would fall asleep with his tongue folded up underneath his chin. It was equal parts disgusting and funny.

Poo was his favourite in-between meal snack; it didn’t matter what I tried he just kept on snacking. He took coprophagia to a new level. He even used to wait under Cassie’s bum when she was pooing. It was revolting and he once even got a skid mark on his head. LOL! No wonder his nickname was Percy Poo Pants.

I miss wriggly, snuffly, tummy rubs with Percy on the couch the most. He would wriggle and snuffle and make very cute sounds all whilst having his fat little tummy rubbed.

Percy’s life motto was “Just eat it!” and he certainly fulfilled that motto every day. In the end, Percy died suddenly at home. Just as he came blasting into our lives, he left us as abruptly. He lived by his rules, and all I could do was be with him when he died.

Percy was a spunk, and everyone who met him loved him. Pictures of him make me smile. And yes, I know he’s got a face that only a mother could love and this mother loved him LOTS!