Planning to say goodbye to your beloved pet is devastating. It can be confronting to think about and is often not discussed openly making it harder to know what is possible and what is not.

Without planning you may find the procedure feels rushed, your pet may feel stressed or you end up wishing it was done differently.

Taking some time to consider the following points will help you to ensure your pet has the peaceful death that you want them to.

After witnessing many beautiful home euthanasias these are the top recurring themes that help to make their final moments special.

Our end of life veterinarians provide peaceful euthanasia in your home and are able to guide you through this difficult decision process.

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  1. Location: Choose a favourite location for the procedure to be performed, this may be their favourite spot at home, in the garden, at their favourite park etc. Some examples have been by the front door (a favourite spot to watch the world go by), in the arms of their loving family member, sitting on a rug in the garden, under a flowering jacaranda tree, in their favourite bed in the living room.
  2. People: Who wants to be present, and for how long? Some family members choose to be present until their pet is anaesthetised but not for the final injection others choose to stay until the end. There is no right or wrong answer here. Think about who would like to be there to say goodbye, who is their favourite people. Parents are the best people to decide if they think that their child is ready to be present.
  3. Food: When it comes to your pets final moments we want them to be happy and surrounded by love. Many pets LOVE food and so the normal “diet” rules no longer apply. Provided your pet is still eating, we suggest thinking of the yummiest snack that your pet has been desperate to try but never allowed. We suggest you give this whilst we are sedating them. This has meant we have had patients nodding off to sleep whilst eating chocolate cake, tim tams, burger patties, ice cream, cornettos, organic cheese and more.
  4. Music & Memories: Think about background noise and if there is favourite music you would like to be playing. We have had families playing photograph slideshows with music playing reminding the family of all the beautiful times they have shared over the years, or even simply playing their favourite music.
5. Favourite possessions: Some pets have a toy or a blanket or a bed that they just LOVE and it provides them comfort. Allowing them to snuggle with the toy as they go to sleep or lay next to it will also provide comfort. Some families even choose to send their favourite toy with them for cremation so they have something from home.
6. Messages: Think about sending a note with your pet after it passes away. It can be therapeutic for you to put your feelings down on paper. We have also found that young children often will like to write a note or draw a picture which can be sent with your pet when cremated or buried with them. It can be a nice way of including children even if they are too young to be present during the procedure.

Comment below what made your pet’s euthanasia special.

If you are facing this sad decision and need help please contact us on 02 9086 9130, email or book online HERE