The weather around Sydney has been temperamental over the last few months resulting in a significant amount of humid weather.

Did you know this can pose health concerns to our 4 legged friends?

The ongoing changes in weather and humidity can cause irritation to our pets’ skin and ears. Retained moisture and sweat can get trapped which then can lead to infections and irritation.

We have been seeing a huge increase in the number of skin and ear infections coming through the clinic.

This cannot always be prevented but there are a few handy tips you can try to reduce risks:

  • If your pet goes swimming, bathe them afterward in a soap-free shampoo such as Nutriderm or Aloveen.
  • Ensuring your pet’s ears stay dry, if they have a bath or go for a swim, cleaning their ears out with a gentle ear cleaner and ONLY cotton wool balls.

  • Checking ears once a week for signs of infection such as smell, discharge, or if you noticed your pet scratching or shaking their head persistently.
  • Inspecting your pet’s skin for signs of a flare-up. This can be; red lumps or bumps, red rash, weeping skin, areas of clumped hair, skin that has changed colour, or areas of hair loss.
  • Being on the lookout for symptoms of skin infections including increased scratching, head shaking, chewing at paws or licking at the body, and dragging themselves along the ground.

Itchy skin and ears are usually not life-threatening but can be extremely uncomfortable and painful for our 4 legged friends. Early intervention of these issues is the best way we can ensure your pet stays comfortable throughout the ongoing weather changes.