Do vet’s cry during euthanasia appointments? Yes, sometimes the vet cries

I am often asked how can I perform euthanasias and not cry? Well, the truth is, sometimes I do cry. Sometimes I cry during the appointment with the family. Other times I hold it together for the family and take a moment to cry afterwards.

Grief is an expression of love and to cry is not a sign of weakness. To cry is not a sign that I am not coping with this aspect of my job. I choose to feel my emotions. I choose to let other people see me cry. I choose to let them see it’s ok to grieve.

I don’t stop loving my patients when they die, and so naturally, I will grieve their death. I don’t let my grief and tears stop me from loving my patients. I take my time building good memories with them during their visits. I get to know their families and I love them dearly.

I know that one day our relationship will come to an end. I try to take a leaf out of their book and live in the moment, enjoying the time we have together. When they cross their rainbow bridge I sit with my grief. I remember the good times and I write. I write a memorial to them, I cry, sometimes I sob and I reminisce.

Grief can be lonely. It doesn’t have to be. I reach out to their family and we grieve together. I talk to my colleagues and we grieve together. We each grieve in our own way. Just like love can surprise you, so can grief. I don’t always see it coming. But when it does arrive, I make sure that I address it.

So, do I cry during a euthanasia? Yes, sometimes this vet cries. I do not apologise for crying and I tell my clients they do not need to apologise for crying. We love our pets. Grief is love and with grief come tears.