Meet Dapper Darcy!

This handsome gentleman is a regular at Rouse Hill Family Vets. Darcy is 9.5 years old and a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer. He recently visited us for his regular comprehensive oral dental health assessment procedure and just before his appointment his mum had noticed a new dark coloured lump on his leg.

We admitted him, completed a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment (COHAT) and removed his new lump whilst it was small and easily excised. Darcy was fortunate that his COHAT revealed his teeth and gums were healthy as no extractions were required, he was simply in need of a scale and polish on this occasion.

When we remove a lump, we always recommend sending the lump for histopathology. Histopathology allows us to know what the lump is that we have removed and if the lump has been removed with clear margins. This is vital for us to be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and prognosis.

Fortunately Darcy’s histopathology results returned showing that lump was a benign dermal malanocytoma which was completely excised. So that is great news for Darcy as no further treatment is required for his lump.

We recommend that any new lumps are examined and aspirated (provided they are big enough to aspirate). The aim with early detection and assessment is to allow us to identify lumps which lumps are safe to monitor and those which require surgical removal.
Darcy recovered well from his procedure. At his post operative check he had Nurse Brittany exceptionally well trained and was watching over her writing his records ensuring that he is given plenty of extra treats for being such a good boy and that she made a record of it.