It has been a busy few months in the clinic and as a result of this we’ve got some exciting staff updates to share with you too:

  • Dr Nicole has just returned from spending 2 weeks with a specialist dentist in Adelaide upskilling and has brought back with her a wealth of knowledge and experience about all things pet dentistry.
  • Dr Jade recently completed a 12 week course on veterinary dermatology – very apt given how many itchy patients we have been seeing. Dr Jade and her family also recently added gorgeous little Sunny into their home recently too.
  • Dr Belinda attended the first component to her canine rehabilitation course (think dog physiotherapy) in Brisbane in December and is excited to be bringing extra skills to help improve the pain and mobility of our patients
  • Dr Tina has recently started a 12 month course in Veterinary Behaviour which is great news for all of our patients
  • Nurse Charlotte completed a comprehensive nutrition course and has been offering our clients really solid feeding advice for their pets
  • Nurse Savanna has recently become our Feline Patient Advocate as we renew our IFSM Gold Cat Friendly Accreditation
  • Practice Manager Emma welcomed baby Cohen just before Christmas.
  • Nurse Hana has been showing off her felting and cooking skills at reception with these cute little bunnies that she’s been crafting and also the wonderful Hairy Faires Cookies which are for sale, with all proceeds being donated to charity.