Dental hygiene in our cats is just as important as in ourselves. Gold standard dental hygiene would be to brush our cat’s teeth twice daily just like us.

But we understand that’s easier said than done so even if you can brush them once a day or a few times a week it’s better than nothing at all!

Step 1: Be sure to use a toothpaste suitable for cats. They are sensitive to fluoride found within the human variety.

Step 2: Select an appropriate-sized toothbrush. Cat’s have tiny mouths so a finger brush may be more appropriate and easier to use.

Step 3: Allow your cat to lick and smell the brush and toothpaste and gentle use a back and forth motion on the incisor’s (The small teeth at the front).

Step 4: When your cat is comfortable, gently move around the mouth and towards the back teeth. (Just like your own mouth!).

Step 5: No mouth rinse required! Remember starting this from a young age will make it easier for the future, and don’t forget to back it up with some tasty dental treats!