Situational Anxiety

There are certain situations where our pets can struggle to cope. Where they are overcome with fear, anxiety and stress and experience the physical and emotional symptoms of a panic attack. Their brain switches from their thinking brain, into survival mode where we will see the flight, fright or freeze response. Once their thinking brain is switched off it is impossible for them to think clearly, self soothe or listen to simple commands.

When they are panicking they may freeze, try to escape, growl, bite, scratch or vocalise. They are not being naughty, they are scared and truly believe they are fighting for their lives. This can make simple tasks near impossible causing stress for the pet, their owner and the person attempting the treatment.

The most common triggers for situational anxiety are veterinary treatments, nail trims and visits to the groomer. What we know about anxiety is that our pets not do grow out of anxiety, they grow into it, so it tends to get worse over time not better if left unchecked.

Fortunately there are plenty that we can do to help alleviate their situational anxiety.

Appointment Duration
45 – 60 minutes
In Home Situational Anxiety Consultation Follow up

As each pet is an individual, so is each’s pet anxiety and response to treatment. Medications will need to be titrated to the appropriate dose for your pet and so follow-up appointments may be required. These appointments may be in-person visits where your pet requires another physical assessment or they may be teleconsults to discuss responses to treatments and dosage adjustments.

Price: $150 Repeat Consultation (In person) or $97.50 Teleconsult

In Home Situational Anxiety Consultation

Veterinary visit with one of our Fear Free Certified Veterinarians, patient history including relevant medical history and discussion around the triggers, physical examination (depending on patient anxiety level), patient assessment, personalised situational anxiety plan for your pet utilising pheromones, supplements and medications as required, instruction on how to administer medications and supplements in a Fear Free manner and information from reliable co-operative care resources and Force Free trainer recommendations.

These are not full behavioural consultations and are not suitable for patients struggling with anxiety daily. Please consider booking in for a 1-hour long behavioural consult with Dr Belinda or for veterinary behaviourists visit

Price: $180

Booking an In Home Situational Anxiety Consultation

We have two ways to book appointments: 1. You may call or text 02 9086 9130 to request an appointment. As you can understand if we are with a patient we are unable to answer calls but will get back to you as promptly as we can. 2. Book an appointment online. If you are unable to find a time with our online booking system please give us a call as will do our best to find a time that is suitable.

We offer in home situational anxiety appointments in the following areas:

Rouse Hill
North Kellyville
Kellyville Ridge
Castle Hill

Our veterinarians can travel outside of these areas for families in need, please contact us to discuss this further.

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