Pain Management Consult

As our pets age it is extremely common that they will experience the discomfort and pain associated with decreasing mobility, muscle wasting and arthritis. Our pets are living longer and so conditions such as arthritis are seen more frequently.

Fortunately they do not have to suffer in silence, there are so many things that can be done to help keep our pets comfortable. We take a wholistic approach to pain management utilising a combination of supplements, nutrition, medications, physical therapies and acupuncture to keep our pets comfortable.

Each pet is different and comes with their own individual set of needs and requirements and so we address each patients individual needs and create their own custom pain management plan aimed to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Appointment Duration
45 – 60 minutes
Pain Management Consult Follow-Up

Veterinary visit including patient assessment, responses to treatment and environmental modifications, discussion based around treatment progress, repeated assessment of pain scale changes and updating of personalised pain management plan.

Price: $149.80

Pain Management Consult

Veterinary visit including a full patient history review, quality of life and pain scale assessments, full physical examination and patient assessment, review of pet’s environment and advice regarding changes which may help at home, recommendations for additional treatments, physical therapies and mobility aids which may be of benefit and the development of a personalised pain management plan.

Price: $236.30

Booking a Pain Management Appointment

We have two ways to book appointments:

1. You may call or text 02 9086 9130 to request an appointment. As you can understand if we are with a patient we are unable to answer calls but will get back to you as promptly as we can.
2. Book an appointment online.  If you are unable to find a time with our online booking system please give us a call as will do our best to find a time that is suitable.

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