COVID-19 Updates

Update as of 25th September 2020

Fortunately, COVID-19 cases have started to decline again in New South Wales so we have made the decision to increase the number of clients allowed in the clinic.

We will allow TWO clients per consult to be present during the appointment however ask all clients to wear face masks when in the building.

Pre-appointment Checklist

Our staff will be asking you at the time of booking the following questions, if you answer yes to any of these we will still be able to examine your pet, however, will have to take specific precautions prior to doing so. It is important that you are honest with us so that we can help to protect our community and minimise the spread of COVID-19.

  1. Have you been in contact with a known COVID-19 positive case in the last 14 days?
  2. Are you under a quarantine order or required to self-isolate post possible exposure to COVID-19?
  3. Are you showing any signs of being unwell? Cough, fever, sore throat?

If you answered yes to any questions relating to COVID-19 risk please call us prior to your appointment so we can take the appropriate precautions for your visit.

So how will we be able to see your pet?

  • When you arrive please call us on 02 9086 9130 and stay in your car.
  • TWO people are allowed in the clinic for your pet.
  • You are required to fill in our contact tracing form on your phone before you come into the clinic. We have a check-in station at the front door.
  • We have a hand santisation station at the front door and ask you to please use the provided hand santiser prior to coming into the clinic.
  • When the consult room is ready one of our staff will escort you into the consult room.
  • Once the consultation has finished our nurse will take payment in the consult room then escort you out of the building

We are doing what we can to minimise the spread of COVID-19 but we can’t do this alone

What we ask of you:

  • If you are in quarantine, do not break quarantine to come to our clinic even if your pet is unwell.
  • If you are unwell please reschedule your appointment.
  • Practice social distancing during our visit by limiting the people present to two people per pet.
  • Face masks are to be worn at all times during your visit.
  • If you need to cough, cough into your elbow.
  • We ask that you respect our no handshake and no hugging policy.
  • Talk to us if you have concerns about COVID-19 and your visit so we can work out the best plan for you and your pet.

In return our commitment to you is:

  • We will practice a high level of hygiene by cleaning our consult rooms, door handles, and equipment with antiviral grade disinfectant between patients, practice social distancing, and regular hand washing.
  • We will utilise alcohol-based hand rubs immediately prior to and immediately after exiting the consult room
  • If we are unwell or need to self isolate we will reschedule your appointment – it is important to us that we do not put you or our community at risk.
  • Our staff will wear face masks during consultations and at reception
  • We, as we always have, are happy to provide a drop off service for medications or special orders.
  • For existing clients and some new client appointments, we are also able to provide teleconsultations utilising Zoom or similar to assess your pet and adjust medications if appropriate.

We recognise that these are unprecedented times we are facing. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined something like COVID-19 would be affecting our community and our way of life in such a dramatic and at times scary way.

We are committed to being responsible and proactive about our response to the COVID-19 situation. We take our social responsibility very seriously and do not want to contribute to the fear our community is facing nor do we want to contribute to the spread of this virus. For this reason, we have created our own COVID-19 policies to keep our staff, our patients and our clients as safe as possible.

Our clinic opened Monday 6th April 2020, so we have now added our COVID-19 In Clinic Policy below.

If you would like to read more about COVID-19 and our pets you can visit

World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)
World Organisation for Animal Health

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